Dare to Degen: Embrace the GORB Lifestyle


Meet GORB: The Cocaine Crazed Seal

Get ready to ride the wave with $GORB, a coke-fueled seal on a mission to dominate the space. Dive in if you're daring enough and ready to fuel GORB's wild habit. Launching soon on ETH. Prepare for the Ethereum Summer Takeover.


GORBmania: Embrace the Seal, Join the Craze


june 2024

july 2024

august 2024

gotta fuckin market

onboard gorb gorbs

create cocaine addicted gorbphines

$gorb $gorb $gorb

convince gorbphines to support gorbs cocaine habit

Announce a partnership with SeaWorld to create the "Gorb Seal Experience."

Free tickets for the first 1,000 Gorb holders.

Introduce staking: Stake your Gorb, get free cocaine

Launch Gorb NFTs: Collectable cocaine-crazed seal artworks.

First 50 buyers get a personal thank-you video from a real seal (dubbed in English).

Donate Gorb to save real seals.

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Gorb Meme Coin is a fictional cryptocurrency created solely for entertainment purposes. It is a satirical project and should not be considered a legitimate financial investment or used for any real-world transactions. The content presented, including the roadmap and any associated events, is intended for comedic and entertainment value only. Gorb Meme Coin does not offer any financial, legal, or investment advice. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please do not take any actions based on this project without consulting a professional financial advisor.

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